In the 50's, Delbôve « Haute Coiffure » salons were the place to go and to be seen. You would have a pianist playing on Saturday's and a valet parking. Roger Delbôve was the hairdresser to all the beautiful folks and was called in for every glamorous wedding and reception. Roger Delbôve practiced with dedication and passion the art of capillary care.

But in the course of his practice, he observed many scalps damaged by chemical treatments. Roger Delbôve came to realize that natural products were more efficient to treat hair and scalp's deficiencies or weaknesses.


Whilst expanding his network of salons, Roger Delbôve, an inveterate researcher, combined conferences and research to deepen his knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms of the skin. He became an autodidact of the functioning of our outer envelope...

We still have his archives and articles about the skin's functions he studied: temperature regulation, protection from sun and germs, waste elimination.

His words reveal his passion, his research on skin's homeostasis constitue a fantastic heritage.


Dissatisfied with the products available on the market and sure of his acquired knowledge, Roger Delbôve convinced his wife, Marion - former collaborator of Helena Rubinstein - to develop a treatment based on the principle of homeostasis.

Sharing her husband vision, Marion took the challenge and worked with a biochemist to create a treatment that would allow the skin to regain its balance and natural functions, without any tricks. Marion's biochemist (who is 85 today) still remember the long discussions they had, sometime late at night, and the quest she gave herself.

Ahead of their time, Marion and Roger created a green power house.


Marion's cream was created with the most efficient medicinal plants she could find in the pharmacopoeia books. Their use had been built upon the experience of centuries. By doing so, she made sure that her cream would stimulate the skin energy-production system.

A journalist who tested the formula found its results so bewitching that he called the product "Crème Sorcière" (witch cream) in his article.

Marion loved the name and kept it! A star is born. The iconic formula was soon to be joined by the Eau Sorcière, a powerful botanical essence. Together, the Crème & Eau Sorcière would form the famous Magic Ritual, the basis of all Delbôve treatment. 


Marion Delbôve continued her research in order to expand the benefits of her iconic formula to other more-specific uses. Thus were born the auxiliary creams, the elixirs, the specific concoctions for the decolletage, hands, feet, body ... each created to restore the homeostasis of the skin. From head to toe.

The evocation of Crème Sorcière & Eau Sorcière and their magical results soon inspired curiosity, intrigued and formed a certain kind of cult. The other formulas also became renowned for their great use of medicinal plants.

And without any communication efforts being undertaken, the efficiency and the refinement of Ms Delbôve’s holistic formulas spread throughout the most upscale circles.

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For 25 years, Gina d’Ansembourg has been an unconditional user of Delbôve treatments, just like her husband and family. Marion Delbôve, who provided her advice, was saddened by the little time she gave to the care of her face. Under her influence, Gina discovered that the Magic Ritual was much more than a simple beauty routine: it is a kind of mindfulness. It allows a full awareness of the gestures and the time given to the skin, which participates fully in the radiance of its beauty.

When Marion passed away in 2011, it seemed obvious and essential to perpetuate Delbôve’s legacy; such incredible formulas could not be lost and forgotten. So Gina d’Ansembourg took over Delbôve with the greatest respect for the key value of its founders: authenticity.

In 2013, the brand was re-introduced to its faithful clientele. From this time, Gina is the owner of Delbôve and custodian of its heritage. 

The magic of Delbôve formulas has spread like wildfire, increasingly acclaimed by the beauty insiders and whispered in the most confidential skincare discussions around the world.


The maison Delbôve has 50 years of references from 3 generations of loyal clients. This is to us the best recognition.

In 2018, we felt very honored to have received the ELLE Beauty Award! Such a prestigious prize awarded by knowledgeable journalists represent a true ackowledgement of Delbôve long-lasting efforts.

2018 was also the year when Delbôve inaugurated its first pop-up counter at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris and opened its mobile eshop and wholesale distribution. It was high time to make these precious formulas more available!