Iconic duo Crème & Eau Sorcière

The Magic Ritual


The Magic Ritual is the foundation of all Delbôve treatments: it suits all skin types and all ages. It delivers a holistic action that helps restore the natural rebalancing and regenerating power of the skin. 

This morning and evening routine acts as a gentle cleanser, make-up remover, a toner, a day & night cream. In just 3 minutes and 3 simple steps, the skin regains radiance, comfort and suppleness while naturally building its skin-resilience threshold.


Crème Sorcière 

An original and exclusive formula created by Marion Delbove more than 50 years ago. Its protective, regenerative, softening and antioxidant properties make this cream a complete treatment that, without artificially inflating the tissues, helps your skin regain its balance and natural beauty, according to the principles of homeostasis. Non-aggressed, your skin’s natural hydrolipidic barrier is preserved and your skin will regain the ability to become self-functioning, including, its essential spontaneous auto-hydration.

When mixed with the Eau Sorcière preparation, it replaces a cleanser, and a make-up remover.


Eau Sorcière 

Eau Sorcière is formulated with a unique complex of nine highly effective herbal tinctures. It is designed to restore skin's homeostasis and purity. This distillate is exclusively developed from medicinal plants to stimulate your skin, make it work naturally.

Used in the Magic Ritual to emulsify the Crème Sorcière, this essence will detoxify the skin. Spray it progressively over 1 month in a little water to do your Magic Ritual. It can also be used effectively on knocks, irritations or dryness or any other part of the body. It is our “all purpose” skin savior!


Watch Gina's tutorial

  • Spray Eau Sorcière dosage in 50 ml of water . For the dosage, adapt your skin to the active ingredients by slowly increasing the number of sprays over 1 month: week 1 = 2 sprays / week 2 = 4 sprays / week 3 = 6 sprays / week 4 = 8 sprays. 
  • Soak cotton wool pads in the preparation
  • Squeeze out & reserve

2 - MIX

  • Take a dab of Crème Sorcière
  • Wet your fingers in the preparation
  • Emulsify together until you obtain a milky texture
  • Cleanse face, eyes & décolletage by continually wetting fingers in the Eau Sorcière preparation
  • Remove with the cotton wool pads you prepared in Step 1 and pat dry your face
  • End by applying a dab of Crème Sorcière as your daily moisturizer


When to apply:

Morning, It detoxifies and protect the skin, the Magic Ritual is also great to prep the skin for make-up; on evenings, it cleanses and rebalance the skin.


Daily usage, twice a day.

Check out the Magic Ritual page to learn more about the 3 steps to restore your skin's healing power.



Crème Sorcière 

Sweet almond oil*: eases, softens, moisturizes

Wheatgerm oil*: emollient, rich in vitamin E, anti-free radicals, moisturizes

Cocoa butter*: emollient, moisturizes, protects

Centaurea cyanus MT*: soothes, relieves fragile skin

Tilia tomentosa MT*: softens

Lavendula Angustifolia MT*: soothing, regenerates, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Alpha bisabolol (active component in chamomile): improves cutaneous metabolism, smoothes, repairs & promotes skin comfort

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract: astringent and bacteriostatic, regulates secretions of sebaceous glands

Vitamin B6: promotes cell metabolism

Vitamin PP: improves skin’s elasticity

Allantoin: soothes, leaves skin feeling comfortable

Retinyl palmitate: antioxidant

Fucocert: protects, stimulates cell-renewal 

*organically produced


Eau Sorcière

Arnica montana MT*: anti-inflammatory, soothing,stimulates the circulatory system, decongestant

Calendula officinalis MT (marigold)*: promotes cellular renewal

Symphytum officinale MT (comfrey)*: regenerates skin tissue

Chamomilla vulgaris MT (camomile)*: softens, soothes

Lavendula Angustifolia MT (lavender)*: soothing, regenerates, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Centaurea cyanus MT (cornflower)*: soothes, relieves inflammation of the skin and irritation of the eyes and eyelids, relieves fragile skin

Tilia tomentosa MT (silver lime)*: softens

Althea officinalis MT (marshmellow)*: emollient, soothes

Chelidonium Majus MT (greater celandine)*: anti-inflammatory, detoxifying

*organically produced


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