Balancing & regenerating essence

Eau Sorcière


A true botanical beauty essence and a very powerful formula. This distillate is made exclusively from medicinal plants that give it soothing, softening, purifying and regenerating qualities. Used alone (and after progressive dosage – read below "Application") the Eau Sorcière will calm, refresh and tone your skin. Together with the Crème Sorcière, it will gently and deeply cleanse the skin, detoxifying it while preserving its hydrolipidic film. This Eau Sorcière is a “must-have” for radiant and healthy skin.

Eau Sorcière is formulated with a unique complex of nine highly effective herbal tinctures. It is designed to restore skin's homeostasis and purity. This distillate is exclusively developed from medicinal plants to stimulate your skin, make it work naturally. Spray progressively over 1 month in a little water to do your Magic Ritual. It can also be used effectively on knocks, irritations or dryness or any other part of the body. It is our “all purpose” skin savior!



Developed from the complex synergy of 9 active ingredients selected according to strict scientific-principles, this hygiene and treatment essence will help your skin to regain its natural balance and beauty. 



When starting to use the Eau Sorcière, first spray in water. The botanical ingredients are VERY powerful.

Make sure to gradually adapt your skin to the active ingredients by increasing the dosage progressively over 1 month.

  • Week 1: 2 sprays
  • Week 2: 4 sprays 
  • Week 3: 6 Sprays 
  • Week 4: 8 Sprays

After 1 month, when your skin is used to the botanicals, you can consider using the Eau Sorcière as a toner. Your skin is now bewitched!



Apply both in the morning and in the evening


Daily usage

For an express hydrating mask, after exposure to air conditioning (office, plane, etc.) or a swimming pool session, relax with a compressed face mask imbued with a spoonfull of Eau Sorcière diluted with equal parts of tap-water, for a few minutes onto your face.

After a knock or bump, apply undiluted in compresses to the skin, to lessen the appearance of bruises.

A compress soaked in undiluted Eau Sorcière reduces itching of all kind (insect and nettle stings, etc.).

In the case of acne, after your evening emulsion, apply undiluted imbued compresses for at least 20 minutes to affected area.

This will boosts the action of the Gel Perfection and/or the Baume Pacifiant.


Arnica montana MT*: anti-inflammatory, soothing,stimulates the circulatory system, decongestant

Calendula officinalis MT (marigold)*: promotes cellular renewal

Symphytum officinale MT (comfrey)*: regenerates skin tissue

Chamomilla vulgaris MT (camomile)*: softens, soothes

Lavendula Angustifolia MT (lavender)*: soothing, regenerates, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Centaurea cyanus MT (cornflower)*: soothes, relieves inflammation of the skin and irritation of the eyes and eyelids, relieves fragile skin

Tilia tomentosa MT (silver lime)*: softens

Althea officinalis MT (marshmellow)*: emollient, soothes

Chelidonium Majus MT (greater celandine)*: anti-inflammatory, detoxifying

*organically produced

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