Skin is the new make-up!

The trend is here: skin is the new make-up! And there is so much to learn about skincare nowadays! For Mother’s day, you can now organize for your Mum and yourself a private skincare workshop in Delbôve’s exclusive boutique in Brussel’s or Antwerp. Book on a skincare workshop. And have a great time together rediscovering the power of your skin.


Today, more and more women dare to go bare. Many women have recently joined a number of powerful celebrities who go about their daily lives without foundation, concealer, or blush. In fact, using your skin care strategically can eliminate the need for a foundation or highlighter altogether. For example, you could warm your skin tone up with jojoba oil in place of bronzer : “It really gets the skin tone to glow”. But most importantly, your cleansing routine is the key to unlock great skin.

 For more than 50 years, Delbôve has formulated botanical skincare and the iconic Crème & Eau Sorcière is well known to rebalance and restore the most distressed skins. Delbôve clients see their skin changing, revealing its glow, regaining its suppleness and resilience. Delbôve Magical Worshops are an exclusive and practical opportunity to learn from a qualified Beauty Therapist about botanical skincare, find out which products are best for your skin type and how to use them to get clear, radiant and gorgeous skin.

Delbôve Magical Workshop are a great way to get to know your skin, and share great moments with your Mum. Seated in Delbôve’s beautiful boutique, Mother and daughter will discover a completely natural skincare routine that highlights simple daily rituals you can do yourself. As you try the different products and are shown how to use them, the beauty therapist will advise you on your skin’s needs and recommend the most suitable methods and product types. 

 Book online on ! The Magical Workshops are interactive and therefore are limited to 6 people at any one session. Hurry up before it’s fully booked!

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