Starting your day with the Magic Ritual

They say that the way you begin your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life.

So often in the mornings we begin by scrolling through our phones, getting caught up in the outer world and all of the hectic motion that surrounds us.

At Delbôve, we believe in the power of a morning ritual. A ceremonial ode to the self, that promises to provide the self-love and care we often forget to give ourselves on a daily basis.  

It is as simple as waking up in silence, staying away from our screens for the first few minutes of the day, and taking the time to express gratitude while setting mental goals and positive affirmations for the day.

Delbôve by Vasilieva

This is why the Magic Ritual is more than just a cleansing routine. It allows us to continue the morning with five minutes of mindfulness while connecting with our bodies. This three step program helps to cleanse, balance and restore the skin but also serves as much more than that. Together when paired with facial massage techniques, the Magic Ritual invites us to bow to the divinity within all of us, by practicing “yoga for the face.”

Like most great things, the Magic Ritual requires perseverance, commitment and a willingness for more than what a simple beauty routine can provide. In the end, your skin and your soul will thank you.

Vasilieva with Delbôve

Pictures by Vasilieva

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