A simple guide to glowing skin

From jade rolling to dry brushing, there are so many trendy tools being sold to us when all we need is our fingers.

Our face has forty-three muscles and while it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, we can be sure that by the end of the day our faces are a direct sign of how we feel inside. Meaning: tone those facial muscles and watch your face get that blissful summer glow despite it being winter.

While our Magic Ritual ensures you remarkable results, the way you apply our botanical creams shouldn’t be short from a complete spa-like experience available at the tips of your fingers.   

Increase the magic by gently pinching and pulling your skin upwards to simulate a mini facial workout.

A magician never reveals his secrets, so it’s a good thing we’re witches! When applying Baume des Yeux on the cheekbone area, keep in mind that the skin in this area is very delicate, so gently press and massage your fingers upwards as if playing the piano, repeat until there is only a thin layer left of cream. This will not only help absorb the product better, but it will improve circulation and attenuate fine wrinkles. We recommend you do this twice a day to see a remarkable difference in your complexion.


Pictures by Thibault De Schepper

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